Gifted Education


Gifted Education Curriculum

Advanced Communication and Research Skills – Gifted students will develop advanced communication skills in order to enhance their abilities to communicate and work with others and to share their learning effectively. Gifted students will develop advanced research methods and independent study skills, which allow for in-depth academic study.

AC.R.1 – The student uses written, spoken, and technological media to convey new learning or challenge existing ideas.

AC.R.2 – The student produces written and/or oral work that is complex, purposeful, and organized and includes relevant supporting examples from a variety of sources and communicates expertise to a variety of audiences.

AC.R.3 - The student anticipates and addresses potential misunderstandings, biases, and expectations in communication with others.

AC.R.4 -The student participates in discussions to argue persuasively or reinforce others’ good points.

AC.R.5- The student supports and defends his/her own opinions while respecting the opinions of others.

AC.R.6 – The student can clearly articulate their own thinking to a variety of audiences.

AC.R.7 - The student selects appropriate research tools and methodologies to conduct research.

AC.R.8 - The student develops and uses systematic procedures for recording and organizing information.

Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Skills - Gifted students will develop and practice creative thinking and creative problem-solving skills with a variety of complex topics within an area of study in order to generate original ideas and products.

CT.CPS.1 - The student formulates original questions and ideas about a specific topic.

CT.CPS.2 - The student designs, applies, evaluates, and adapts a variety of innovative strategies when problem solving

CT.CPS.3 - The student incorporates brainstorming and other idea-generating techniques to solve problems or generate new ideas.

CT.CPS.4 - The student develops original ideas, presentations or products.

CT.CPS.5 - The student tolerates ambiguity and assumes risk as a necessary part of problem solving.

Higher Order Critical Thinking Skills - Gifted Students will develop and practice higher order and critical thinking skills in order to extend their knowledge at an advanced level.

HOCT.1 -The student evaluates and uses data to make connections between learning and real-world problems and/or solutions.

HOCT.2 - The student conducts comparisons and evaluates decisions using criteria.

HOCT.3 - The student asks insightful and relevant questions.

HOCT.4 - The student responds to questions with supporting information that reflects in-depth knowledge of a topic.

HOCT.5 - The student uses and creates analogies, metaphors, and/or models to explain or illustrate complex concepts and relationship

HOCT.6 - The student separates one’s own point of view from that of others and examines an issue from more than one point of view.

HOCT.7 - The student evaluates conclusions based upon relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness.

Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationships - Gifted Students will undergo personal growth and development in order to achieve their highest potential. Gifted Students will develop appropriate interpersonal relationships in order to collaborate effectively with a variety of audiences.

PD.IR.1 - The student accepts that their opinions, ideas and theories will change as they gain new knowledge.

PD.IR.2 - The student will set both short-term and long-term goals, personal and academic, and regularly reflect upon their progress.

PD.IR.3 -The student will strive to achieve high standards, especially in areas of strength and/or personal interest.

PD.IR.4 - The student predicts and understands consequences of decisions and responds appropriately. PD.IR.5 -The student allows for and accepts differences of opinion.

PD.IR.6 - The student identifies stereotypes, biases, and prejudices in one’s own reasoning and that of others.

PD.IR.7 - The student responds to contributions of others, considering all available information. audiences of all ages.

PD.IR.8 - The student will display persistence when faced with challenges.

Application of Knowledge - Gifted students will acquire and apply knowledge in order to advance their understanding.

AK.1 - The student uses concepts within and across disciplines to develop valid hypotheses, thesis statements, or alternative interpretations of data.

AK.2 - The student will transfer knowledge from one topic of study to another.

AK.3 - The student will make generalizations about events, people, things and ideas.

AK.4 - The student will make connections between basic information and broader concepts.

AK.5 - The student will synthesize information from a variety of sources and apply the knowledge to generate new and unique ideas.