Central Services Directory

Whiteville City Schools

Central Services Directory

Dr. Marc Whichard


Julie Watson

Administrative Assistant to Superintendent

Beverly Turner

Director of Human Resources and Federal Programs

Linda Johnson

Administrative Assistant for Human Resources/Powerschool Coordinator

Jamesie Gentry

Director of School Nutrition

Patricia Slater

School Nutrition Supervisor

Annette Hamilton

Chief Financial Officer

Dana Leviner

Payroll Accountant

Barbara LaSane

Accounts Payable

Avonda Pierce

Payroll and Benefits

Katie McLam

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, AIG, and 21st Century

Kathryn Faulk

Administrative Assistant for 21st Century

Julie Graves

Director of Exceptional Children and Student Services

(Counselors, Social Workers, Nurses, and Psychologists)

Cathy Lashley

Exceptional Children’s Data Manager

Courtney Whichard

Exceptional Children’s Compliance Specialist

Ashlee White

Operations and Accountability Coordinator

Morgan Norris

District Technology Coordinator

April Pennington

Administrative Assistant for Maintenance, CTE, and Technology

Brad Stocks

Network Engineer

Eric Prout

Technology Technician

Huey Godwin

Director of Maintenance