Whiteville City Schools



Whiteville Primary School

(Interested candidates should send letter of interest and resume to Kimberly Ward at kward@whiteville.k12.nc.us.)

K-2 Teacher

Interventionist/Science Lab Facilitator

Edgewood Elementary School

(Interested candidates should send letter of interest and resume to Rachel Smith at rsmith@whiteville.k12.nc.us.)

3-5 Teacher

Central Middle School

(Interested candidates should send letter of interest and resume to April Corbett at acorbett@whiteville.k12.nc.us.)

Social Studies Teacher

Health Sciences Teacher

EC Adapted Curriculum Teacher

EC Resource Teacher

Whiteville High School

(Interested candidates should send letter of interest and resume to Michael Hobbs at mhobbs@whiteville.k12.nc.us.)

EC Adapted Curriculum Teacher

School Counselor

English 9-12 Teacher



School Nutrition Assistant (SY 2021-2022)

Custodial School Nutrition Assistant (SY 2021-2022)

(Interested candidates should contact Jamesie Gentry or Patricia Slater at 910.642.4116)

Licensed School Social Worker (Temporary/Grant Funded)

(Interested candidates should send letter of interest and resume to Julie Graves at jgraves@whiteville.k12.nc.us.)

Bus Drivers (District Wide)

(Contact Jes Sealey at jsealey@whiteville.k12.nc.us or 910-642-4116)

Staggered Start/End Times for Individual Schools

Whiteville City Schools is evaluating a possible change in the start and end time at individual schools. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of our transportation fleet, as well as to accommodate parents that have students at multiple schools during pick up and dismissal. Please complete the form below to provide feedback so that concerns can be considered as this plan is developed.

Whiteville Primary School: Start 8:45am - End 3:45pm

Edgewood Elementary School: Start 8:30am - End 3:30pm

Central Middle School: Start 7:30am - End 2:30pm

Whiteville High School: Start 7:15am - End 2:15pm

North Whiteville Academy: Start 7:30am - End 2:30pm

2020-2021 SY Pandemic EBT Benefits




Surrogate Parents (District Wide)

Whiteville City Schools Exceptional Children’s Department is looking for dedicated, caring volunteers to serve as Surrogate Parents for students with special needs. Surrogate parents are asked to attend meetings regarding the student’s special education and serve as an advocate for the student in the absence of a parent/guardian. Each student has 2 to 3 meetings per year, each lasting approximately an hour.

If interested, please contact Julie Graves at 910-641-6448.

Title I Parent Survey 2020-21

Parents or Guardians - Please complete the Title I Survey for our school district for the current school year - 2020 - 2021. We value your input. Use the link below:

Title I Survey

Encuesta para Padres - Titulo

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Whiteville High School Groundbreaking Ceremony

October 10, 2019


SCC Success Scholarship

  • Endorsed by the SCC Board of Trustees in July 2016

  • Funded by the SCC Foundation Board in September 2016

  • Qualifications

    • A student must be a North Carolina resident who recently graduated from a high school in Columbus County.

    • Students must complete FAFSA and apply for all other SCC scholarships before receiving the SCC Success Scholarship.

    • Participants must successfully complete two Career & College Promise courses to be eligible for the program.

    • Students must have 2.5 unweighted GPA in high school.

    • Students must be continuously enrolled in the fall and spring semesters and have a maximum of two years to use the guarantee.

    • Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA at the end of their first spring semester in the program to be eligible for the second year in the program and must not have any disciplinary actions taken against them.

    • Students must agree to participate in surveys about their experience at SCC.

    • The guarantee covers tuition and fees, not books or supplies.

  • Scholarship recipients' progress towards completion will be tracked.

  • All recipients will be surveyed to identify the impact of the scholarship on their decision to attend SCC and to identify any barriers to success.