WPS  Writers' Group
The Board recognized the district’s North Carolina Reading Association Young Authors’ Celebration State Winners. 
Winners: Herminio Ayohua-1st Grade, Kevin Aparicio-1st Grade, Joanna Welch-2nd Grade, Peyton Mae Evans-2nd Grade, Tiana Keaton-2nd Grade, Xarria Allen-2nd Grade
Kenny Garland-WCS Superintendent, Kimberly Ward-WPS Principal, and Tonnye Fletcher-WPS Teacher


Perfect Attendance
Bella Rogers received a Certificate of Perfect Attendance from the Board recognizing perfect attendance for 12 years. 


100 Days Smarter


Updated School Calendar (10/24/2016)
Please click the link above to view the updated school calendar for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year.

SCC Success Scholarship Information

  • Endorsed by the SCC Board of Trustees in July 2016
  • Funded by the SCC Foundation Board in September 2016
  • Qualifications
    • A student must be a North Carolina resident who recently graduated from a high school in Columbus County.
    • Students must complete FAFSA and apply for all other SCC scholarships before receiving the SCC Success Scholarship.
    • Participants must successfully complete two Career & College Promise courses to be eligible for the program.
    • Students must have 2.8 unweighted GPA in high school.
    • Students must be continuously enrolled in the fall and spring semesters and have a maximum of two years to use the guarantee.
    • Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA at the end of their first spring semester in the program to be eligible for the second year in the program and must not have any disciplinary actions taken against them.
    • Students must agree to participate in surveys about their experience at SCC.
    • The guarantee covers tuition and fees, not books or supplies.
  • Scholarship recipients' progress towards completion will be tracked.
  • All recipients will be surveyed to identify the impact of the scholarship on their decision to attend SCC and to identify any barriers to success.