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Title I A


  • This program provides financial assistance through State educational agencies (SEAs) to local educational agencies (LEAs) and public schools with high numbers or percentages of poor children to help ensure that all children meet challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards.
  • LEAs target the Title I funds they receive to public schools with the highest percentages of children from low-income families. Unless a participating school is operating a schoolwide program, the school must focus Title I services on children who are failing, or most at risk of failing, to meet State academic standards. 
  • Schools enrolling at least 40 percent of students from poor families are eligible to use Title I funds for schoolwide programs that serve all children in the school.
  • Title I reaches about 12.5 million students enrolled in both public and private schools. Title I funds may be used for children from preschool age to high school, but most of the students served (65 percent) are in grades 1 through 6; another 12 percent are in preschool and kindergarten programs.
  • Title I is designed to support State and local school reform efforts tied to challenging State academic standards in order to reinforce and amplify efforts to improve teaching and learning for students farthest from meeting State standards. Individual public schools with poverty rates above 40 percent may use Title I funds, along with other Federal, State, and local funds, to operate a "schoolwide program" to upgrade the instructional program for the whole school. 
  • Schools with poverty rates below 40 percent, or those choosing not to operate a schoolwide program, offer a "targeted assistance program" in which the school identifies students who are failing, or most at risk of failing, to meet the State's challenging performance standards, then designs, in consultation with parents, staff, and district staff, an instructional program to meet the needs of those students. Both schoolwide and targeted assistance programs must be based on effective means of improving student achievement and include strategies to support parental involvement.
  • All schools within Whiteville City Schools are Title I schoolwide schools.
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Whiteville City Schools (241)


Read to Achieve Grade 3

End-of-Year Results

G.S. § 115C-83.10 requires ìeach local board of education to publish annually on a Web site maintained by that local school administrative unit and to report in writing to the State Board of Education (SBE) by September 1 of each year the following information on the prior school year:


Note:  The denominator for calculating the required percentages for Rows 1, 2, and 3 is all students in membership at grade 3 for the first day of spring testing.


Number of Students





Demonstrated reading proficiency on the Beginning-of-Grade 3 (BOG3) ELA/Reading Assessment, the End-of-Grade (EOG) ELA/Reading Assessment, or the EOG ELA/Reading Retest (scored Level 3 or higher)




Did not demonstrate reading proficiency on the BOG3 ELA/Reading Assessment, the EOG ELA/Reading Assessment, or the EOG ELA/Reading Retest




The number and percentage of students exempt from mandatory retention in third grade for good cause. Students may be counted in this category only once.



The denominator for Row 4 is the number of students from Row 2 minus the number of students from Row 3.


The number and percentage of students who took and passed an alternative assessment approved by the State Board of Education (SBE) (i.e., Read to Achieve Test or locally determined SBE-approved alternative assessment). Students may be counted in the numerator and/or the denominator only once for this category.





The denominator for Row 5 is all students in membership at grade 3 for the first day of spring testing.


Total number and percentage of students retained for not demonstrating reading proficiency on third-grade standards (For 2014-15, students who are not proficient will be either: (1)retained in third grade accelerated class, (2) placed in a transition class with a retained label, or (3) placed in a fourth-grade accelerated class with a retained reading label.





The denominator for Row 6 is the number of retained students recorded in number 5.


Charter Schools Only: Charter schools must indicate the number and percentage of retained students recorded in number 5  who do not return to the charter school for 2014-15




Note: Privacy laws dictate that for fewer than 5 students, the specific number and percentage should not be given.  Therefore, if the number is fewer than 5 students, schools should use an asterisk (*) to represent fewer than 5 students and the percentage. An * indicates that the student population number and percentage is too small to report the value. The percentage and number of students are not shown if the percentage is greater than 95 percent (>95) or less than 5 percent (<5).


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Whiteville City Schools PowerSchool Parent Portal

Track your students progress 24 hours a day!

 Your child’s school will distribute access IDs and passwords.                                                                  

Note: Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari are the prefered web browsers. MS Internet Explorer may work, but issues have been seen with some versions.


Create a Parent/Guardian Account For parents or guardians to create an account:

  1. Pick up the Access ID and Access Password at your child’s school.  You will need to show a photo ID.  If you have children in more than one school, you will need to go to each school to pick up the Access ID and Access Password. 
  2. Open Google Chrome web browser and enter
  3. Click “Create an Account”
  4. On the Create Parent Account page, enter the parent/guardian first name and last name in the appropriate fields
  5. Enter the parent’s e-mail address in the next field
  7. Re-enter the password for security authentication
  8. For each student to be associated to the account, enter the student name, access ID, and access password 
  9. Open the Relationship menu and select the appropriate relationship for each student being added
  10. To create the account, click Enter

To update the first and last name, user name, and password or the account, click Account Preferences.  Update information as needed under the Profile tab, then click Save. 

Add Children to a Parent/Guardian Account Once the account is created, a parent or guardian may still add students to the account. 

  1. Click Account Preferences from the left side of the screen
  2. To add or edit students, click the Students tab
  3. To add a child, click Add
  4. In the Add Student window, enter the student name, access ID, and access password
  5. Open the Relationship menu and select the correct relationships
  6. Click Submit

E-Mail Notification Setup  Parents can choose for the Parent Portal to provide e-mail updates:

  1.  Click Email Notification from the left side of the screen
  2. Select the desired information to be included in the e-mail report
  3. Open the “How often?” menu and select the frequency of the report delivery
  4. To send the report to other addresses, enter the addresses in the Additional E-mail Addresses field (separate additional addresses with commas)
  5. If these changes are for all students on the account, check Apply these settings to all your students?
  6. To send a report immediately for the selected student, click Send now for [student name]
  7. To save the e-mail preferences, click Submit

Teacher Comments To read teacher comments:

  1. Click Teacher Comments from the left side of the screen
  2. The Comments column shows general comments regarding the student’s performance in class
  3. To e-mail a teacher, click the teacher’s name
  4. To view a specific assignment score comments, click Grades and Attendance
  5. Click a final grade/percentage link
  6. On the Class Score Detail page, click the score link for an assignment to see the comment (Assignment scores are active links only if the teacher entered additional assignment information, such as a comment.
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