Inside Whiteville City Schools

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"Inside Whiteville City Schools", an informational program produced by Southeastern Community College.

On the Ball - Rhonda Dutton, David Smith, Bass, and Carla Hollis

Opening of Schools 2017/2018 - Rhonda Dutton and Kenny Garland

Highlights and Expectations - Rhonda Dutton, Kim Ward, Jared Worthington, Chris Kelly, Jes Sealey

School Nutrition - Rhonda Dutton, Jamesie Gentry, and Peggy Moore

Summer Food Program - Nakoma Simmons and Rhonda Dutton

Everyone Committed to the Success of ALL Students - Rhonda Dutton and Kenny Garland

Our Schools Today and Tomorrow - Rhonda Dutton and Kenny Garland

At-Risk After-School Meals - Rhonda Dutton and Kathryn Faulk

Combating Child Food Insecurities in Columbus County - Nakoma Simmons and Rhonda Dutton

Your Child's First School of Choice...Whiteville Primary School  - Rhonda Dutton and Kimberly Ward

Volunteerism in Whiteville City Schools - Dr. Melody Prevatte and Rhonda Dutton

What's the "Buzz" at Central Middle School - Rhonda Dutton and Chris Kelly

Wolfie News - Rhonda Dutton, Jared Worthington, Todd Burney

Cooking Like a Pro - Rhonda Dutton and Karen Slusarczyk

CTE Internships - Rhonda Dutton, Susan Watson, and David Bobbitt

What's Happening at the Home of the Wolfpack - Rhonda Dutton, Jes Sealey, and Kennth Garland

What's Cooking in Whiteville City Schools - Rhonda Dutton and Kathryn Faulk

A New School Year - Rhonda Dutton, Chris Kelly, and Kimberly Ward

What's Happening in WCS - Rhonda Dutton, Kenneth Garland, Paul Boney

What is AIG? - Rhonda Dutton and Carmen Garland

Summer Food Service Program - Rhonda Dutton and Kathryn Faulk

Future Farmers of America - Rhonda Dutton, Katherine Hyatt, Scott Shaver, and Jessie Varley

Accreditation and Beginning Teachers - Rhonda Dutton, Kenneth Garland and Beverly Turner

School Nutrition - Rhonda Dutton and Kathryn Faulk

Parent Involvement - Rhonda Dutton and Dr. Phyllis Dunham

Human Resources - Rhonda Dutton and Dr. Chris Barnes

Technology - Rhonda Dutton and Anthony Martin

ACT & Student Testing - Rhonda Dutton and Superintendent Kenny Garland