Biology 2009-2011

WHS AP Students...Check under "What's Hot" for your 2011 summer assignments!!!!

AP Bio and/or APES ----------------->

EOC Biology I Schedule 2011: Download file "Hester Biology I.doc"


KNOW ------- Mitosis vs. Meiosis! IPMAT....Foldable! (Asexual vs. Sexual)
- Basic Genetics: Dominant/Recessive, Codominant, Incomplete Dominance, Multiple Alleles (Blood Types), Sex-linked
- Genetic Disorders: Recessive= Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell
Sex-linked: Hemophilia, Colorblindness, male-pattern baldness
Dominant: Huntington's
Mutation = Nondisjunction! during Meiosis Prophase I = Down's Syndrome(47), Turner's
--> Basic Pedigree Concept

--> Mendalian Genetics with "Norns" !!! (very cute) http://www.biologycorner.com/norns/norn_genetics.swf

****Genetic Disorder Research Project -

Download file "GENETIC DISORDERresearch.doc"
DUE 5-11-11, Wednesday, Counts as TWO TEST grades!!!!

--> DNA/Protein Synthesis

*Download file "ProteinSynthesis.ppt"

--> --> CELLS!!!

--> http://www.biology4kids.com/ (very good website)

--> Ismael's Hotel Cell http://pl.an/ashku8
*** This is an awesome powerpoint on cell organelles and their functions! I cannot take credit for this powerpoint though - Thank you Mrs. Foglia. ..... Download file "Cell Organelles.ppt"

Chemistry of life!

--> WATER =====> Download file "waterproperties.ppt"

-->-->MACROMOLECULES-->--> Download file "Macromolecules.ppt"

Concept Map of the MACROMOLECULES = Download file "map biochemistry.doc"
--> jeopardy review game = http://www.quia.com/cb/86263.html

--> TOOTHPICKASE Conclusion questions:

Download file "Toothpickase Conclusion Questions.doc"


--> Download file "Characteristics of Life.ppt"

Kingdom Animalia & the Environment:

--> Endangered Animal Project -

Download file "endangeredspecies2010.doc"

The following websites are good for starts for animal research:




Example of a reserve in south carolina... http://www.tigerfriends.com/home.html

Download file "BEE.doc"

Download file "Kingdom Animalia Booklet.doc"

National Geographic Animal Video Website:

Download file "Fly Away Home Essay.doc"

PLANTS --> chapters 21-24

--> March...18, 2010, Thursday --Today we studied the parts of a flower and how it reproduces, what attracts insects to a flower, and what a "ripened ovary" is.....hope everyone comes prepared for a possible pop quiz tomorrow :) .... hint, hint!

--> Wednesday..March 17, 2010...

--> Seed/Monocot/Dicot ppt....

Download file "monodicot.ppt"

--> good plant tutorial .... http://urbanext.illinois.edu/gpe/case1/c1brief.html

The Plant Unit covers chapters 21-24. We will be doing quite a few labs involving seed germination, fruit structure, and plant growth. Students will be responsible for keeping up with daily obserrvations, questions, and notes that go along with each lab.

Diagrams to know -->

PROTISTS & FUNGI --> Ch.19&20

--> fungus ppt...

Download file "Fungus.ppt"

Kingdom Protista ppt.....

Download file "10_Protists_Kingdom.ppt"

Bacteria & Viruses--> Ch.18

Powerpoint for viruses....
Download file "Viruses.ppt"***Take good notes on all sides up until the reproductive cycles...then be able to tell the difference between Lytic & Lysogenic Cycles!

Here is the powerpoint on bacteria covered last week....

Download file "Structure of Bacteria1.BioI.2010.ppt"


** Types of Reproduction: Download file "asexual_vs._sexual_reproduction.ppt"

Biology Syllabus 2009-2010

**Click this link to see my syllabus for Biology classes this year:Download file "Biology Syllabus.doc"

**Also you can click on the link below to see the goals and objectives we must cover for the End Of Course State Test:

Download file "Biology Competency Goals.doc"


1.) http://www.uen.org/utahlink/activities/view_activity.cgi?activity_id=4750

2.) http://www.uen.org/utahlink/activities/view_activity.cgi?activity_id=3803

Pecan Festival....11-1-08

I was very impressed to see so many of my students (past and present) involved in the festival. It involves so much of what we are studying right now....so whether they realize it or not....students are practicing what they are learning!!!!

Soccer 11-1 & Harvest Festival 048.JPGSoccer 11-1 & Harvest Festival 070.JPGSoccer 11-1 & Harvest Festival 002.JPG

Soccer 11-1 & Harvest Festival 001.JPG

"Egg" Amazing!!!!-
Over 3 days students completed labs using eggs, vinegar, corn syrup, and water. They practiced lab safety, data collection, and observational skills. We discovered how different substance can affect our eggs in surprising ways.

2008.EggExperiment 004.jpg

2008.EggExperiment 068.jpg

2008.EggExperiment 030.jpg

2008.EggExperiment 094.jpg