David Higgins

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    David Higgins

    Certified Automotive Instructor since 2003

    ASE Master Certified Technician since 1999

    ASE Certified Technician since 1994

    Providing Real World Experience to All Students

    2010-2011 Auto II

    2008 Auto II classAutomotive Technology

    1st - Auto Service I

    2nd - Intro to Automotive

    3rd - Intro to Automotive

    4th - Planning

    The Automotive Programs will be using various types of teaching methods from books to computers. There will also be hands on training in the automotive shop.

    Exams are on elements (computer based testing) and count 25% of final grade.

    Other Links Used:

    Elements https://elements.schools.nc.gov/assessment/whiteville

    Valvoline Certificate test. http://www.valvolinecareertech.com/WHITEVILLE