College Foundation of North Carolina

    ...A First Step in Planning for High School and Beyond

    Each 8th grade student now has an account with College Foundation of North Carolina. CFNC is a website which allows students to discover, explore, and learn about their interests and strengths (through numerous self assessments) on their path to developing their high school four year plan, exploring possibilities for post high school education, and ultimately becoming career ready.

    Not only does CFNC provide components for student career exploration and planning, it also provides resources for school success, financial literacy (paying for college) links, college entrance requirements, college prep test practices (SAT and ACT), and even the opportunity to electronically apply on line to NC Universities and Colleges. Additionally, there are many inks for parents as they help their children prepare for high school, college, and careers. Links pertaining to FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), a budget calculator, and even a link for "College Redirection" which may be helpful to parents as they consider college/career options.

    Although our students have already created their CFNC account (which follows them through high school), the following directions may help jog their memory as they explore more skill, interest, and work values assessment tools:


    User Name: NC Wise number (lunch number)

    Password: 1st letter of your first legal name last name (all lowercase). In some cases, you used your full first and last name if there are 3 or fewer letters in your last name.