School Nutrition Services        Kathryn A. Faulk, Director       107 West Walter Street Whiteville NC 28472     910.642.4116

Summer Food Service Program

To feed kids at no cost and for sites serving SFSP in your area: 1-866-348-6479 English/1-877-842-6273 Espanol; local (910) 642-4116 ask for School Nutrition Services

Dates of Programs can be Monday—Sunday:  When school is out! (June 12 – August 25)

Purpose: The main focus of the Program is to target areas where low-income children reside and provide them with free nutritious meals when school is out.

Who Can Be a SFSP Sponsor? Public or private non-profit organizations; school food authorities (SFA); unit of local, municipal, county, tribal or state governments; faith based organizations (VBS, Sunday School, Children’s Church, Wednesdays, etc.); municipal recreation departments; libraries; public or private college or university.

What’s a Site?  A physical location approved by the state agency where SFSP meals are served and eaten in a supervised setting during an approved meal service time.

Open Site: Times/Location: Whiteville High School Cafeteria, 413 N. Lee St., Whiteville, NC (June 12 - August 17) Breakfast 9-10 am; Lunch 12:00—1:00 and TBD for off-site sponsored activities. Eat in or pick up food for off campus sites.

Types and Numbers of Meals—Up to 2 meals per day served at No Cost to Children: breakfast only, snack only, lunch only, supper only, lunch & snack, breakfast &snack, breakfast & lunch, supper & snack, breakfast & supper or two snacks. Adults may purchase breakfast for 1.80 and lunch or supper for $3.80. Meals can be hot lunch or supper (Monday – Thursday) or shelf stable meals (7 days a week).

Site Supervisor Training: Annual training available every Thursday beginning each April at Whiteville City Schools, 107 W. Walter St., Whiteville, NC.  For more information call School Nutrition Services at (910) 642-4116.

Participant/Volunteer Training: Scheduled as needed at Whiteville City Schools, 107 W. Walter Street, Whiteville, NC  28472. Contact:  Jamesie Gentry (910) 641-6429, Rhonda Dutton (910) 641-6439 or Kathryn Faulk (910) 641-6430

Area Eligibility & Rural Designation: All schools in Columbus County are area eligible. Did you know that up to 50,000 meals can be served to children in Columbus County per day through this program?!?!