Professional Development for Teachers

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Choose from the following:

NCDPI Self Paced PD Modules - Please consider doing a self- paced module, you pick the topic and you pick the time! Suggestions: Digital Tools, Project Based Learning, Flipping the Classroom, Google Apps

AIG - 

PD: Closing the Achievement Gap

PD: Differentiating Instruction

PD: Special Education

PD 8 - March 2019 - SIOP Training, NWA/CMS Digital Competencies with Mr. Ketcham

PD 7 - February 2019 - EES Digital Competencies w/ Mr. Ketcham

PD 6 - January 2019 - School Choice - Imagine Learning, Reading Horizons, MTSS

PD 5 - December 2018 - WHS Digital Competencies w/ Mr. Ketcham 

PD 4 - November 2018
    Hosted in-house - Imagine Learning (Nov 6 Megan from Imagine Learning will be at WPS for PLC and afterschool for PD, Nov 7 she and Katherine will be at CMS and EES during PLCs. The afternoon of the 7th, PD at EES and WHS. 

PD 3 - October 2018
   Hosted at schools - Online continuation of standards/ school needs

PD 2 - September 2018
    Online PD - part 2 (Principals expressed additional time needed for Math and ELA NCSCOS)

PD 1 - August 2018

Please use the attached powerpoint as an introduction to the new standards. 

For the Introduction to the New ELA and Math SCoS PPT WITH voice over, click HERE

Introduction to the New ELA and Math SCoS PPT (Just ppt, no voice): Google Slides copy of PPT

Tour of ELA Resources - Video with voice over

Tour of Math Resources - Video with voice over

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Please use this link to access the ELA google form for CEU credit

Please use this link to access the Math google form for CEU credit.

Power Teacher Pro PD offered by DPI

Four topics will be offered:
PowerTeacher Pro: Ditch the Pencil
This webinar is designed for beginner level only, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with the many components of PowerTeacher Pro and the navigation of the PowerTeacher Pro platform. Participants will learn how to log-in, setup classes, set display and grading preferences, create categories, set term weighting, create assignments, and track grades and student progress.
Dates:  8/28, 8/30, 9/11
Webinar Registration Link:

Tips & Tricks for Efficient PTP Use

In this webinar, the following topics will be addressed:

- Creating reports (demographics, grades from other classes, etc.)

- Creating student groups within a class

- Using Fill for grades, comments, etc.

- Accessing dropped students

- Entering past grades for new students in past grading periods

- Transferring grades from Schoolnet (How to)

- Setting defaults for assignments

- Extra Credit (Percent & Points)

- Manually overriding grades

Dates:  9/4, 9/6, 9/13

Webinar Registration Link:

Report for Duty: Understanding PTP Reports

In this webinar, teachers will become familiar with the reports’ tab of PTP, the different types of reports offered by PTP and the various uses for these reports will be explored. Additionally, teachers will be presented with scenarios in which they must decide which report would be best for that situation.

Dates/Times:  9/18, 9/27

Webinar Registration Link:

Using PowerTeacher Pro to Impact the Bigger Picture

In this webinar, the following topics will be addressed:

- Creating reports (demographics, grades from other classes, etc.)

- Importance of Attendance

- Impact of changing grades from prior grading quarters (how-to and when not to)

- Referencing dropped students and how to view past grades

- % Grading -vs- Point Grading

Dates/Times:  9/20 & 9/25

Webinar Registration Link:

All webinars in this series will be offered from 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.  These hours were chosen to accommodate those who are unable to attend training during regular school business hours.  Content provided in this series is a repeat of the face-to-face Home Base Applications events from July 2018.

PD For Whiteville City School Teachers and Administration