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Credit By Demonstrated Mastery


Credit by demonstrated mastery (CDM) is an option which allows students to exhibit mastery of a course’s content, receiving credit and a pass/fail grade for the course by taking an assessment and completing an artifact. North Carolina’s State School Board created Credit by Demonstrated Mastery in order to ensure students grow optimally in our public schools and have effective and worthwhile seat time. This initiative creates flexibility that allows students to progress as they demonstrate mastery of academic content, regardless of time, place, or pace of learning. 

Whiteville City Schools will assess students and evaluate artifacts based on the same standards that are used to evaluate students earning course credit by traditional means. The achievement levels required to earn credit by demonstrating mastery reflects a more rigorous expectation of students who want to earn credit without seat-time.

Important Information

  • Failed attempts at CDM are not reflected on a student’s transcript.
  • No Grade or quality points will be granted and the course will not be included in GPA calculations.
  • Credit will be given for the course that can count towards graduation.

There are two phases to the process:

Phase 1
An exam that establishes mastery of foundational skills and content for the course. This equals a “superior” scale score on the appropriate state assessment, or a 93% scale score for CTE assessments, or a 94% score on local assessments. Students only have one attempt at an exam for CDM.

Phase 2
If the student successfully completes Phase 1, they will be required to create an artifact that reflects a deep understanding of the content standards. The artifact will showcase their ability to apply the skills and knowledge expected at the end of a course.